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Child development and attachment.




1 day

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About the Course


This course aims to help learners feel more confident in understanding attachment theory. Contemporary attachment theory is, primarily, concerned with the importance of close human relationships. We know how important attachment is for mental health and wellbeing because of many years of research into child development. We know how it impinges on many adult relationships and for parenting skills and styles. Good professional practice is also about human. relationships. Thus, present-day attachment theory has much to offer not only for understanding but for helping and supporting in our work and personal lives.


This is a one-day course and includes: The nature of attachment; the brain and attachment theories; attachment styles; attachment, emotions, and learning; attachment and relationships. attachment in our professional relationships with young people; risk factors affecting attachment and vulnerable groups; future relationship styles.


This course has been designed for any professionals that come into contact with children or young people. It is also suitable for professionals working with vulnerable adults.


£95 for the complete course, including learning materials and Certificate of Attendance.

Your Instructor

Linda Mclachlan

As a highly experienced tutor, I am well-versed in child development and attachment, with a strong background in working with young people, counselling, psychology and delivery of NHS mental health courses. Ethics and continuous cpd are important to me as I sit on the board of Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland COSCA.

With over two decades of training in psychology and counselling, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my teaching. My course on child development and attachment is designed to provide comprehensive insights into the intricate processes of psychological growth and the formation of healthy relationships during early stages of life.

Through my instruction, students can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the various factors that influence child development, including biological, environmental, and socio-emotional aspects. I emphasise the importance of attachment theory and how it impacts a child's emotional and social development.

By exploring practical case studies, engaging discussions, and evidence-based research, I strive to equip my students with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively support and nurture the development of children and young individuals. Join me in this transformative learning journey as we delve into the fascinating world of child development and attachment.

Linda Mclachlan
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