Training to become a counsellor.

Training to become a counsellor? How do you become a counsellor? Questions I get asked alot. There are different ways into counselling. You usually start with a first year in counselling skills then move on to a degree or diploma program. Make sure the training provider is registered with a counselling body such as COSCA or BACP and that the course is an official qualification. It should be credit rated. I deliver training at grounded learning. I will add a link below. Training to become a counsellor is mostly about learning about your own self awareness. If we don't know how we tick how can we expect to know others. Its a fulfilling area of work though and we'll worth the training and commitment. Below is our year one of three at grounded learning. We are based in Dumfries and Aberdeen. Right now training is by zoom due to the pandemic but we should be back face to face soon.

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